511 017 AB Approved by Mercedes-Benz Unimog

frontloader RX500

Product advantages

  • fully hydraulic frontloader with parallel motion unit
  • fast and easy detachable
  • front attachement area full uesable for other devices when loader is detached

Product info

Optimally suited to the UNIMOG the "RX500" handles loading and transport works with ease. Parking of the front loader can be easily done and only takes a few minutes. There are no additional tools necessary.
The coupling brackets are constructed in a way, that after parking the front loader, the front attachment area of the vehicle can be used for other devices.

Weight frontloader: 645kg
Weight support beam inclusive coupling plate: 300kg
Weight earth bucket eg. 1.600mm: 185kg

The original Hauer front coupling plate is involved in the support beam and is mounted 70mm further forward as the coupling plates CP3 or CP5.

Optionally, a support beam is available for the Dücker torsion frame. The ground clearance is not thereby reduced.

Optionally a rear counterweight is available. It is delivered empty and has a weight of 165kg. With eg. crushed stones filled, the weight is about 950kg.


  • U218 with frontloader RX500 and earth bucket

  • counterweight for UNIMOG

Model variant(s)




Unladen body weight

945 kg

Vehicle model

U216, U218

Body mounting duration

28 Days

Euro standard

Engine version Euro VI, with OBD-C

Minimum vehicle specification

  • CA3: Central mounting brackets
  • CD6: Mounting parts between the axles
  • HN2: Single-circuit hydraul. sys., 2-cell, fully prop.
  • L47: Add.raised headlights for front-mounted implements
  • or LL6: Additional lights, height adjustable
  • or LL8: Additional headlamp, height-adjustable, A-pillar
  • TG3: Weight variant 10.0 t (5.2/5.5)

Recommended specification

  • G20: Additional gearbox with working gear range
  • or G34: EasyDrive (hydrostatic drive) (np)
  • P60: Platform subframe
  • PB5: Platform, internal dimensions 2200x2075x400

Legal notice

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