PK 27002 SH G4 mit Pritsche und F 64.1 H1 SW (Produktduplikat 2)

Product advantages

• Short wheelbase (3350 mm)
• Great off-road capability
• Large ground clearance
• high lifting torque of the crane
• Front Palfinger truck support
• rear V-support => 420 ° swivel range (lifting torque reduced over Fhs.)
• HPSC column control
• Work basket operation possible

   Application examples: energy companies, construction industry

Product info


1.Palfinger loading crane PK 27002 SH G4
2.Workbasket BB040 for 2 persons + tools ( max. 200 kg )
3.Front winch F 64.1 H1 SW
4.Platform with aluminum side walls 1750 x 2440 x 400 mm

Technical data Crane

PK 27002 SH G4:
Drive via variable pump on N16:
Max. Lifting torque: 650 kg @ 21.1 m
Max. Range: 21.3 m

Technical data winch

Drive via vehicle hydraulics
@200 bar and 45 L / min delivery volume

lower rope layer :6000 daN
upper rope layer:3850 daN
lower rope layer 4.8 m / min
upper rope layer 7,5 m / min

Technical data platform
Internal dimension longitudinal: 1750 mm
Internal dimension: 2440 mm
Dropside height: 400 mm


  • Unimog U527 with crane, workbasket and frontwinch

  • sideview

  • Shims 600 x 600 x 40 mm

  • Warninglights with support cylinder

Model variant(s)




Unladen body weight

6840 kg

Vehicle model

U527, U529, U530

Body mounting duration

2 - 3 Months

Euro standard

Engine version Euro VI, with OBD-C, Engine variant Euromot IV, Engine version Euro V

Minimum vehicle specification

  • CA9: Mounting brackets, for heavy implements/cranes
  • E87: Implement plug-in 32poles
  • N16: Hi-speed PTO from transmission w.4-hole connection
  • TV3: Weight variant 15.5 t (7.2/9.0)
  • HN2: Single-circuit hydraul. sys., 2-cell, fully prop.

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