Xtenso 3 on Unimog

Product advantages

Articulated telescopic jib
Lateral outreach with constant 280 kg basket capacity
Proportional controls for all movements

Product info

Xtenso3 by KLUBB, is an 18.5 m telescopic platform with lateral outreach of 13.90 m, designed to be mounted on a heavy truck from 14 T using the chassis or workshop model. With articulated telescopic jibs this model is capable of overcoming all types of obstacle (tree branches, roofs, balconies, electric cables, etc.) and gets you as close as possible to your work zone. Operators can then work comfortably and in complete safety while keeping excellent flexibility of movement thanks to the articulated jib with its 180°pivoting range. Infrastructure professionals often work with heavy loads in the basket due to the need to lift tools and materials to high work zones. The Xtenso 3 by KLUBB is designed for outstanding lateral outreach of up to 13.90m with a constant capacity of up to 280 kg, including during use of the telescopic function of the articulated jib.


  • Xtenso3 on Unimog - 18,5m working height

  • Xtenso3 on Unimog - 18,5m working height

  • Aerial platform Xtenso 3 on UHM

  • Xtenso 3 mounted on Unimog

  • Technical data

  • Xtenso 3 on Unimog

  • Xtenso 3 on Unimog in the fields

Model variant(s)




Unladen body weight

1805 kg

Vehicle model


Body mounting duration

7 - 8 Weeks

Euro standard

Engine version Euro VI, with OBD-C

Minimum vehicle specification

  • C7K: Battery carrier, batteries stacked
  • CD5: Mounting parts for superstructures
  • E17: PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11898 (5V)
  • E87: Implement plug-in 32poles
  • G50: Transmission oil cooler
  • L2I: Side marker lights
  • M1K: Engine OM934,inline 4, 5.1 l, 170kW(231hp),900 Nm (Unimog)
  • M5V: High Performance Engine Brake
  • M5Z: Engine version, Euro VI (Unimog)
  • N16: Hi-speed PTO from transmission w.4-hole connection
  • TS5: Weight variant 14.1 t (6.3/8.8)
  • Z01: Left hand drive

Recommended specification

  • A30: Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
  • A31: Rim parts for central tyre inflation system
  • E1B: Batteries 2 x 12V / 170 Ah, maintenance
  • E33: Manual battery isolater switch at battery box
  • E44: Jump start socket
  • FT6: Mirror version for wider vehicle
  • G22: Additional gearbox with working gear range
  • G48: Automatic shift (EAS)
  • K7A: Exhaust system, tailpipe vertical
  • L32: Protective grille, metal, for indicators
  • L4Z: Protective grille, metal, for headlamps
  • L60: Entrance lights at steps to cab
  • LH6: Protective grille, metal, for rear lights
  • LB4: Flashing lamps,LED,yellow, left & right, w. stands

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