HEN roll-off container system on Unimog U 216 and U 218 chassis

Product advantages

Greater flexibility thanks to quick-change special bodies, especially in use at municipal construction yards between winter and all-season deployments. Containers are hydraulically locked and can safely tip backwards. Application-specific solutions are possible.

Product info

HEN roll-off container system HA4.0/2800
Body for Unimog U 200 chassis
with a perm. gross weight of 10,500 kg;
Max. lifting capacity on the hook 4020 kg
Wheelbase 3600 mm
Single-arm hook lift system with hook height 1570 mm
Telescopic main arm
Hoistable container frame width to DIN 307222-3
Max. hoist length 3200 mm (container length)
Hydraulic tilt lock to DIN 307222-3
for safe tilting of the troughs backwards when laden
Free payload without container approx.  3904 kg
(this value may vary depending on the vehicle equipment)
Roll angle 25.92°  when unladen,
(may vary depending on the tyres)
Body and roll-off frame primed and painted in two-coat finish



  • HEN roll-off systems on Unimog chassis

  • HEN roll-off system for Unimog chassis

  • HEN roll-off systems on Unimog chassis

  • HEN roll-off systems for Unimog chassis

Model variant(s)




Unladen body weight

630 kg

Vehicle model

U216, U218

Body mounting duration

14 Days

Euro standard

Engine version Euro VI, D

Minimum vehicle specification

  • CA9: Mounting brackets, for heavy implements/cranes
  • CP3: Implement mounting plate DIN76060 type B, cat. 3
  • or CP5: Implement mounting plate EN15432-1, type F1c
  • ED6: Socket 24V/25A in cab, C3 impulse included
  • HN3: Dual-circ hyd sys,2-cell,full prop,snowplow relief
  • or HN8: Dual-circ hyd sys,4-cell,full prop,snowplow relief
  • TG3: Weight variant 10.0 t (5.2/5.5)
  • UCCR: Wheelbase 3600 mm, reinforced frame
  • UK3T: AdBlue tank, 25 l
  • UKC0: Tank, 200 l, left, aluminium
  • UTHN: Weight variation, deviating 10,5t (5,2/6,0)

Recommended specification

  • EF3: Rear view camera
  • EF4: Add. camera, for implements, unmounted
  • EM5: Monitor, for camera system
  • LB3: Flashing lamp, LED, yellow, left, with stand
  • or LB4: Flashing lamps,LED,yellow, left & right, w. stands
  • L3C: Floodlight, rear cab wall, top
  • or LE4: Floodlight, rear cab wall, top, LED

Legal notice

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